Posh Machined Horizontal Long Stay Headlight Bracket - Black


Machined Horizontal Long Stay Headlight Bracket by Posh Japan

Colour: Black

Clamps: 35mm - 2 clamp version

Details: Made of billet aluminium with an anodized finish.  Requires the removal of the top bridge for installation.  Suitable of 35 mm forks.

Description:  This machined horizontal long stay headlight bracket exceeds the usual quality finish of Posh products. It fits beautifully with the Daytona Neo  Vintage and Daytona Vintage headlights available in store. This stay really will give your build an exceptional quality finish it deserves.

Also available for 39mm, 41mm and 43mm forks but special order.  Please email sales@k65motorcycleparts.co.uk


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