Below you'll find some Frequently Asked Questions which will hopefully answer most of the questions you may have.  If not, please don't hesitate to contact sales@k65motorcycleparts.co.uk   


Why do you only stock Posh Factory Japan parts?  Posh has built a reputation for producing some of the finest quality motorcycle parts available.  All their parts are manufactured in Japan and really are excellent quality and once I started buying them for my own custom bikes I knew they'd be a great seller. 

Do you stock the full range of Posh parts?  I wish I couldhowever the Posh range is huge.  Over time we will expand the Posh range of parts we keep stock.  If you've seen a particular Posh product which you'd like to order but you can't find it listed on this site we can get it for you.  Please email sales@k65motorcycleparts.co.uk with either the part number or a description of the item and we'll provide you with a quote for the item.  If we don't have it in stock then we'll process it as a 'special order' and get it for you as soon as we can.  Special orders usually take about 7 to 10 days to fulfill and there is an increased level of postage to cover the international shipping from Japan.

Why do you stock Daytona parts?  Posh and Daytona are separate but related companies.  My tie up is with Posh however I have access to Daytona parts too.  At present I only stock two Daytona headlights as they fit beautifully with the Posh headlight brackets.  Posh don't supply a side mounting headlight in their own range and I wanted to be able to offer a side mounting option to my customers.  The Daytona headlights are a little pricey but they look absolutely mint on the front of any custom build.

Can I view your products in person prior to buying from you?  K65 Motorcycle Parts currently doesn’t have a physical shop that you can visit.  I'm planning to visit various bike shows and will look into setting up physical stalls at some of these so hopefully that'll be an opportunity for you to see the range in person.  Please sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of the site to be kept informed of such events. 

Fitting & Sizes: 

How do I know if the item will fit on my bike?  Please read the product description carefully as most dimensions and specifications are noted there.  A lot of the parts on the site are a universal fit so should fit most motorcycles.  If you have a size related question not covered in the description, please email sales@k65motorcycleparts.co.uk and I will measure the item and get back to you. 


The item I want is marked 'Sold Out'.  Will you get more in stock?  When an item is visible on the site but marked 'sold out' it means we are waiting for the next shipment to arrive.  Please email sales@k65motorcycleparts.co.uk for an estimate as to when the item will be available again.

Why are there some items marked as 'special orders'?  For some items it is more efficient to request the item from Posh in Japan once we receive your order rather than hold the stock in our warehouse.   Specially ordered items are shipped to you at the earliest possible time but usually within 3 weeks of your order (typically 7 to 10 days).  Please email sales@k65motorcycleparts.co.uk for a quote as the postage on the special order items is different than domestic orders to cover the internal shipping cost from Japan.  All our items are very much worth the wait! 

I've submitted an order but I want to amend it?  If your item hasn't been dispatched when we receive your amendment instruction we will alter your order accordingly without an issue.  Please email sales@k65motorcycleparts.co.uk .  In cases where your change instruction arrives after the item has been dispatched we will have to treat this the same way as a returned item.  


What payment options do you offer?   You can pay for your order using Paypal on the site.  We can offer other options as below:

Can I pay you direct via a bank transfer if I don't have a credit card or Paypal?  Yes, payment by direct transfer to our bank account is possible (or directly via Revolut).  Please email sales@k65motorcycleparts.co.uk with your order requesting to pay by an alternative method.  Our sales team will provide you with our sort code and account details and ship you order after the payment has been received. If you already use internet banking you will be familiar with the simplicity of direct deposit.