About Us

While gathering parts for my first custom motorcycle build my friend in Sydney sent me a link to Posh Factory Japan and told me the quality of their parts was second to none. I duly complied and bought a set of brim rimmed billet indicators. When they arrived I wasn't disappointed, they were absolutely superb and looked fantastic on the bike.

I've always loved bikes having grown up on the Isle of Man, watching the TT races since I was a child.  While living in Australia my interest in custom bikes grew as the scene there is vibrant with so many cool builders. I've never really worked out which style I like the most. One day it's a cafe racer then next a chopper, then a bobber, brat style, cruiser, tracker, scrambler..........I still can't decide so I've decided to appreciate every piece of 2-wheeled art.

Whilst between jobs, on a visit to Tokyo I visited a number of custom bike shops. Again the scene there is really cool.  Duly inspired I decided I wanted to set up a custom motorcycle parts business so that day I contacted Posh Japan and set up a meeting the following day. We got on well and reached an arrangement quickly. I returned to Sydney and began to set up the business and then the stock starting arriving. Out of the blue an excellent job opportunity came up back in the Isle of Man! I spoke to Posh and they were very keen for me to relocate the business to the UK and develop the Posh brand here which has worked out great for both of us. With an exclusive deal to supply Posh parts to the UK market things took off.  We relocated the family and business, set up the new site, shipped our stock to the Isle of Man with Posh's support and now we are serving the UK market as it's sole authorised UK stockist of Posh Factory Japan custom motorcycle parts.

It's a real dream to sell a product you love in a business sector that gives you a real buzz. And as a family run operation the whole family has pitched in to set the business up with my my daughter helping with the product photos and my son helping greatly with the image editing.

It's been a long journey to get the site launched. Basically setting up two businesses in two continents and literally moving from one side of the planet to another! We are sure you'll love the products and we look forward to hearing about your custom build so please share your art.